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The box office is booming

The box office is booming, and theatres represent one of the few effective ways to reach elusive teens. So why are Canadian advertisers holding back?

by JENNIFER WELLS ( Globe and Mail)

I’m thinking of going to see Watchmen tonight. Not because I’m dying to see the movie, though Anthony Lane’s description of Billy Crudup as Dr. Manhattan in this week’s New Yorker is chillingly alluring (“buff, buck naked and blue, like a porn star left overnight in a meat locker”). What more could a woman want?

I will cite, instead, the haunting call of the recession. Movies have been upgraded on the acquisition scale — an affordable luxury that offers as a bonus not prettier lips or a perfumed air, but escapism in a darkened room, keeping company with a 50-foot screen, a bucket of popped corn and noise big enough to drown out the voices in one’s head. (continues at Reportonbusiness.com)



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