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North Korea ‘fires more missiles’

North Korea has test-fired two more missiles, hours after the UN Security Council unanimously condemned its nuclear test, South Korean reports say. (BBC NEWS) Advertisements

Reporters Without Borders: Joint

Reporters Without Borders: Head

Reporters Without Borders: Sheet

Reporters Without Borders: Eye

Reporters Without Borders: Laser (video)

Oasis ‘rubberduckzilla’

In Malaysia, containers pop up as budget hotel rooms

Pop-up, recyclable and foldable hotel rooms are all familiar concepts to regular Springwise readers, so we couldn’t resist sharing yet another application we recently learned about, this time in Malaysia. (continues@springwise.com)

American Community Newspapers Inc. Files For Bankruptcy

By Mark Fitzgerald@www.editorandpublisher.com And Then There Were 7: American Community Newspapers Files For Bankruptcy (continues@editorandpublisher.com)

In Developing Countries, Web Grows Without Profit

By BRAD STONE and MIGUEL HELFT@nytimes.com Facebook is booming in Turkey and Indonesia. YouTube’s audience has nearly doubled in India and Brazil.(continues@nytimes.com)