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German Bank Encourages Conjugal Co-Mingling of Funds

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Bank of Tolerance

Visa PayWave: Mobile Payments On-The-Go

@PSFK.com Visa in collaboration with Nokia have launched a new service using NFC (Near Field Communication). (continues@psfk.com)

Live Broadcast/ Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google

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Who Gets Hit When the Wealthy Cut Back

By PAUL SULLIVAN (The New York Times) Feeling the effects of the economic downturn, owners of million-dollar homes have been passing the pain on to landscapers. (continues@www.nytimes.com)

On the money trail: forensic accountants

With the financial world shaken by scandal, forensic accountants are busier than ever by DARCY KEITH Call them the number sleuths — unsung heroes armed with calculators on the prowl for dubious financial deeds. Forensic accountants in Canada have been called into cases ranging from the Gomery inquiry into the federal sponsorship scandal to the … Continue reading

Bank chiefs hold peace talks with Obama

By Andrew Ward and Tom Braithwaite in Washington and Francesco Guerrera in New York Top bank chief executives held peace talks with President Barack Obama at the White House on Friday as the administration sought to soothe tensions over lavish Wall Street bonus payments. The meeting came at the end of a week in which … Continue reading