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P&G slashes global adspend by $440 million in first quarter

by Kate Nettleton@campaignlive.co.uk Procter & Gamble cut $440 million from its global marketing spending in the first quarter of 2009, equivalent to around 5 per cent of its advertising spend for the fiscal year to June 2008. (continues@campaignlive.co.uk) Advertisements

Honda makes Vimeo shine (VIDEO)

Volvo Dealer Offers Choice of Loaner Bicycle or Car

@psfk.com Staff at Clive Brook Volvo in Yorkshire, England, noticed a number of customers bringing bicycles with them when they dropped their cars off for service instead of choosing the complimentary loan cars. (continues@psfk.com)

New York Wants to Make Taxis Into iPhones

BY Cliff Kuang@Fastcompany.com New York wants to reinvent its taxis. The metropolis just put out an all-points-bulletin to tech companies, and the general public, seeking new gizmos and innovations that would improve the cab riding experience. The city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) is open to all ideas, but top priority has been given to … Continue reading

Ford Is Counting on Army of 100 Bloggers to Launch New Fiesta

by Eric Tegler@adage.com Automaker Lends New Models to Trendsetters for Six Months as Part of Huge Social-Media Push (continues@adage.com)

Land Rover Taps Twitter as Campaign Cornerstone

by Jeremy Mullman@adage.com ‘Hashtags,’ Fledgling Ad Network Help Get the Word out Across Microblogging Site (continues@adage.com)

Job marketplace for quick online tasks

@Springwise.com There are countless employment sites out there that help companies fill full- and part-time jobs. Not included in most, however, are all the extra little tasks businesses often need to get done, but that aren’t enough to justify hiring another regular employee. (continues@Springwise.com)

Ottawa willing to let GM, Chrysler collapse

JANET MCFARLAND Globe and Mail Ottawa is prepared to let Canada’s two financially troubled car makers collapse rather than provide long-term financing to companies without a viable future, Industry Minister Tony Clement said Thursday as he ratcheted up the pressure on the Canadian Auto Workers union to negotiate new deals to slash wages and benefits. … Continue reading

Is Social the Future of Online Ads?

by Jennifer Van Grove@mashable.com It looks as if the future of supersized ads really is unavoidable. If you’ve been to YouTube’s home page today, then you’ve no doubt noticed the inescapable Volvo ad that looks more like its own website than an ad unit. (continues@mashable.com)

Nationwide taxi booking & payment via mobile phone

@springwise.com Consumers have been able to book taxis by cell phone for some time now, but a new, Virginia-based service aims to expand that capability with a comprehensive—and nationwide—paperless approach that includes mobile ride tracking and payment as well. (continues@springwise.com)