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Job marketplace for quick online tasks

@Springwise.com There are countless employment sites out there that help companies fill full- and part-time jobs. Not included in most, however, are all the extra little tasks businesses often need to get done, but that aren’t enough to justify hiring another regular employee. (continues@Springwise.com) Advertisements


Live Broadcast/ Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google

@ Newspaper Association of America (NAA)

Advertising is Failure

Digital guru Steve Rubel interviews Jeff Jarvis, author of “What Would Google Do?“ (continues@loudpoet.com)

What Should You Spend on Advertising?

By Steve McKee@businesseweek.com It’s a ticklish question for every company. See what your rivals are doing, and then think about what’s going to be effective (continues@businesseweek.com)

BC Dairy Foundation: Arm Wrestling | Must Drink More Milk

Sanyo Uses YouTube A-Listers to Promote ‘Xacti HD’ Dig

Sanyo Fisher has tapped some of the biggest YouTube creative stars to promote their newest digital camera, the Sanyo Dual Camera Xacti HD. (continues @ Trendhunter.com)

JOBS: aboutfreelancewriting.com

Proposal writer Copywriter for Shopping Website Spanish Translator/Interpreter Examiner.com – multiple topics in multiple cities Writers Chicago Manual of Style Bibliography Talented Scientific/Health Writer Wanted Writer – Mortgage Web Site Author needed for Historic Pictorial of Harvard Haitian Creole Translation Reporter needed for scientific meeting Freelance Writers for Online Content Freelance Spanish Copywriter Freelance Proposal … Continue reading

Fed Features: Ads at Movies Warn Against Scams

The Federal Reserve is coming soon to a theater near you. By Sudeep Reddy @ The Wall Street Journal The subject won’t be the drama inside the central bank or its role in the current financial crisis. Rather, Fed officials plan to launch advertisements in movie theaters to warn homeowners about foreclosure scams. Intended to … Continue reading