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A Magazine Devoted to Print Is Moving to the Web

By RICHARD PÉREZ-PEÑA@nytimes.com It’s no secret that as they struggle financially, newspapers and magazines are doing some radical cost-cutting, like abandoning paper for a purely digital future. (continues@nytimes.com) Advertisements

T-Mobile Sing-along


Scrabble: Punk Psy Funky Ad

‘PRWeek’ Goes Monthly, but Still Publishes Weekly Digital Edition

by mediabuyerplanner.com PRWeek will no longer print a weekly edition; the magazine will publish a weekly digital edition and a monthly print product containing more analysis, interviews, and features, according to the trade publication. (continues@mediabuyerplanner.com)

Job marketplace for quick online tasks

@Springwise.com There are countless employment sites out there that help companies fill full- and part-time jobs. Not included in most, however, are all the extra little tasks businesses often need to get done, but that aren’t enough to justify hiring another regular employee. (continues@Springwise.com)

Tech magazines shift from gadget glitz to survive

By Georgina Prodhan, European TMT Correspondent@reuters.com Technology magazines, facing dwindling advertising and lost luster for big-ticket gadgets, may be turning their attention to helping readers make home improvements or beef-up devices they already own. (continues@reuters.com)

Science Fiction Magazine Goes Online-Only

By Jason Fell@foliomag.com After 33 years in print, Starlog to focus on its Web site. (continues@foliomag.com)

Live Broadcast/ Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google

@ Newspaper Association of America (NAA)

IS there a good way to nail down a steady income? In this economy?

By JENNA WORTHAM (The New York Times) Try writing a successful program for the iPhone.(continues@nytimes.com)

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