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this WEEK in MEDIA 129 : TWiM Live


News Corp will share news across its properties

By Robert MacMillan@reuters.com News Corp said on Tuesday that it has formed a new unit to share journalism across all its properties, including The Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, Fox News and The Times of London. (continues@reuters.com)

PODCAST: this WEEK in MEDIA 132 : Show Me the Ads

The A.P.’s Real Enemies Are Its Customers

By Saul Hansell@The New York Times If The Associated Press could completely win its war on search engines and news aggregators, it’s hard to see that the news association or the newspaper companies that own it would be even the slightest bit better off. (contines@The New York Times)

Live Broadcast/ Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google

@ Newspaper Association of America (NAA)

Advertising is Failure

Digital guru Steve Rubel interviews Jeff Jarvis, author of “What Would Google Do?“ (continues@loudpoet.com)

Fox News Columnist Pays Big Price for Reviewing a Pirated Movie

By BROOKS BARNES (The New York Times) Roger Friedman, an entertainment columnist for FoxNews.com, was terminated after writing about “X-Men Origins: Wolverine, ” which was leaked on the Web last week. (continues@www.nytimes.com)

Google Axes Video AdSense From Its Arsenal

by Leena Rao Google Adsense Says Goodbye To Video Units Feature (continues@techcrunch.com)

Apple’s iPhone, an Indian Flop, Prepares for China

By Mehul Srivastava@businessweek.com The failure of Apple’s iPhone to make a dent in India’s lucrative telecom market may hold lessons for its upcoming push in China (continues@businessweek.com)

The box office is booming

The box office is booming, and theatres represent one of the few effective ways to reach elusive teens. So why are Canadian advertisers holding back? by JENNIFER WELLS ( Globe and Mail) I’m thinking of going to see Watchmen tonight. Not because I’m dying to see the movie, though Anthony Lane’s description of Billy Crudup … Continue reading