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Online Video: Why We Advertisers Have It All Wrong

by Kevin J. Nalty@adage.com Lessons From a Marketing Director by Day, YouTube Star by Night (continues@adage.com) Advertisements

Everything I Know About Marketing I Learned From Susan Boyle

by Simon Dumenco@adge.com Or, the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Frumpy Scottish Singers (continues@adge.com)

YouTube Commences Redesign, Promises More In-Stream Ads

By Zachary Rodgers@ClickZ.com YouTube has begun the first phase of a redesign that will highlight its gradually expanding library of premium shows and movies.(continues@ClickZ.com)

American Apparel targets Woody Allen’s sex life

by LARRY NEUMEISTER@reportonbusiness.com A clothing company known for its racy ads is fighting Woody Allen’s $10-million (U.S.) lawsuit accusing it of damaging his reputation by arguing that the company can’t ruin what the film director already spoiled himself. (continues@reportonbusiness.com)

Facebook now accounts for one third of all online social networking time

by Jemima Kiss @The Guardian The latest comScore data is good news for Facebook, ranking the site as the sixth most popular website in the world with 275 million unique users each month. That exceeds the 200 million user mark that Facebook recently made public, but regardless of different metrics the trends are interesting here. … Continue reading

Advertisers Need To Become Agencies

by Tim Leberecht@ cnet.com Has it finally arrived, the post-advertising age? Advertising Age, nomen est omen, recently ran a story on the blurring line between commercial and editorial content, as media companies are facing a fiercely competitive marketplace amid declining advertising budgets (according to the Newspaper Association of America, advertising revenue in 2008 decreased by … Continue reading

Consumer Mag Ad Pages Plunge 25.9 Percent in First Quarter

By Matt Kinsman@foliomag.com Ad revenue drops 20.2 percent. (continues@foliomag.com)

Love & Sockets- FULL VERSION Frito Lay Cute Commercial!!!!

more about "Love & Sockets- FULL VERSION Frito La…", posted with vodpod

How Google Stole Control Over Content Distribution By Stealing Links

by Scott Karp@publishing2.com There is so much misunderstanding flying around about the economics of content on the web and the role of Google in the web’s content economy that it’s making my head hurt. So let’s see if we can straighten things out. (continues@publishing2.com)

Financial Post magazine rips out story to mollify subject

@canadianmags.blogspot.com According to a story in the Toronto Star, the current issue of the Financial Post magazine has one of its stories ripped out of each copy at the behest of the Manulife Financial Corporation and the subject of the story, Manulife’s CEO Dominic D’Allesandro. The magazine has a per-issue circulation of more than 200,000 … Continue reading